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Message from Blogger:

In an era of fake news and intellectual deception, knowledge hub provides a platform for the dissemination of facts and the sharing of information. Fredrick Douglass once said, “knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”. In today’s society, whether we realize it or not, many of us are living in what I like to call “intellectual slavery” where undisputed factual information is replaced with hyperbole and “alternative facts”. The goals of those promoting these alternative facts are as followed:

 1.     To always accuse their opponents of engaging in activities that they themselves are engaged in. Example: If I plan to disseminate fake news or lies to people, I will preempt those who plan to criticize me by accusing them of doing the same (disseminating fake news or lies).   
2.     To brand factual information as being merely opinion in order to redefine our interpretation of facts.
3.     To “muddy the water” and confuse people to the point of creating apathy or a feeling that no one can be trusted to provide true facts.    
4.     To discredit traditional news sources as being dishonest and untrustworthy in hopes that by doing so, they will become the only trusted source of information.  
5.     To deceive the public with lies and disinformation in order to achieve their own agenda. 

“Intellectual slavery” occurs in a person when all of the above has been achieved. No longer are you a freethinking individual, but instead a product of deception. Knowledge, however, prevents deception and is the antidote to oppression and manipulation.

Get Free!  

LeVar Michael       

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